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Dog breeding is the practice of mating selected dogs with the intent to maintain or produce specific qualities and characteristics in the resulting litters of puppies. Breeders guide their choices of dogs to mate relying on the science of genetics, knowledge of canine health, and the intended human use for the resulting pups.

Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker and as an individual dog owner, I have had experience with a number of breeds from tiny Yorkshire Terrier to Doberman Pinscher. My advice for choosing a breed or size of dog is just to repeat what all the experts say, “Choose a dog you can handle.”

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When I was a teenager our family dog was Rocky - a large, powerful, adult, male Doberman Pinscher that we got from a Doberman Pinscher rescue group. I hit upon the bright idea of taking Rocky for a walk while I rode on my skateboard. It was terrific - I was traveling down the sidewalk powered by Rocky.

The video below from YouTube shows another Doberman owner trying the same idea successfully.

All went well until Rocky spotted a cat, switched from walking speed to full-chase speed and left the sidewalk to cut across a front lawn in pursuit of the cat. I landed on someone’s front lawn - a kindly man who came outside, laughing at the spectacle, to check that I was okay. All that was injured was my dignity.

The YouTube video above, of another skate boarder with a galloping dog, gives the idea of what happened to me after Rocky saw the cat. Fortunately for me, unlike the man in the video, I landed on grass and was not injured.

At that time I did not know what I know now.
As Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker, I know the importance of keeping control of the dogs I walk and to be alert to any possible hazards or distractions to the dogs.


A Dog from a Shelter Can Be a Great Pet

If you don’t have your heart set on a puppy of a particularly rare and pricey breed, you might want to choose a dog from a shelter or from a rescue group. You may end up with a dog that is already house trained and has some basic manners. You can tell more about the personality of an adult dog. And, of course, a rescue dog really needs a home. Plus, it is a less expensive route to get a pet.

I (
Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker) walk them all and say they all can be great pets.

Dog Breeding through the Ages

People have maintained groups of useful dogs around them since pre-historic times. They have intentionally fed dogs they considered useful, while neglecting or killing other dogs that presented a danger or a nuisance. These human practices of encouraging the survival of useful dogs started the relationship between people and their dogs that continues to this day.

Breeders may report the birth of a litter of puppies to a dog registry, such as kennel club to record it in stud books and receive recording documents for the puppies. AKC (American Kennel Club) is widely known. Such registries maintain records of the dogs’ lineage, their achievements and working qualities, and usually are affiliated with kennel clubs.

Requirements for the breeding of registered purebreds vary between breeds, countries, kennel clubs and registries. These rules may apply to the health of the dogs; to their working qualities; and to their general conformation.

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If you live in the Almaden Lake Park area of South San Jose - roughly the area of South San Jose bounded by Coleman Road, Winfield Boulevard, Blossom Hill Road, and Santa Teresa Boulevard, I am your neighbor!

Michelle Halpern, Pro Dog Walker
Call or Text: 408-930-1322

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